Seeds from rapeseed, sunflowers, argan and a lot more

Fries Oilpresses are able to work with a lot of different seeds all over the world!  more >>

We are present on several exibitions

Biofach 2022 and Int. handycraft Munich 2022  more >>

Solar powered Oilpress

Solar Oilpress

Solar Oilpress  more >>

Chamber filter press with 20 or 30 chambers made of stainless steel Filters about 1,000l (264 Gallons) or 1,500l (400 Gallons) a day. We don´t use any additives for filtering. The filtering process runs fully automatic. The filters need to be cleaned after approx. 10,000 to 25,000 litres (2,650 – 6,600 Gallons)

The vegetable oil is purified by sedimentation and filtration and can be used as an absolutely CO2-neutral fuel for modified engines. In the cheaper process you can combine sedimentation devices with storage tanks and the filter candle to percolate the oil.To achieve the best results and filtration rating we suggest the use of sedimentation devices and a chamber filter press.

Chamber filter press with 10 chambers made of stainless steel Filter about 500l (132 Gallons) a day The filters need to be cleaned after Approx. 5,000 to 10,000 litres (1,320 – 2,650 Gallons)
Sedimenter 3-Stufig
3-step sedimentation device to pre-refine
by sedimentation
Tank capacity 270 l (71 Gallons)
Plastic filter case with cartridge
Recently developed eccentric screw pump
to transport and pump the vegetable oil
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